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About Us

Certified Ambulance Group, Inc.is a medical billing company specializing in Emergency Services. With more than 200 years of combined experience in the field of emergency services, we will manage your emergency response billing needs accordingly. Learn about how we started out and how far we have come to get where we are today.

Humble Beginnings

Developed out of a consulting project in the late 1980s, our company began providing billing services to a community in Connecticut that needed additional funding for their ambulance service. Our founder, Chris A. Gentile, found the vital revenue stream necessary to prevent this ambulance service from closing. Thus the EMS Revenue Recovery program was born.

Garnering Attention

The concept of Revenue Recovery caught on for emergency service providers in Connecticut and other states after they started seeing the benefits of similar programs.  As a result, Certified Ambulance Group has worked with many State and Local Agencies to introduce the concept of Emergency Services Billing.


As of late, our company continues to provide revenue recovery services locally in Connecticut and spreading throughout the East Coast and Midwest. We are proud to say that our clients continue to enjoyed the financial benefits of our Revenue Recovery program as well as our community friendly approach.